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autobaud error when loading DISP

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  • autobaud error when loading DISP

    I am attempting to use the DISP Tool to load the uLCD-43PT-P-V01.h configuration file into my uLCD43(SGC), but it gives the error "autobaud error".

    As far as I know, I've never changed the baud rate. Also, I've refreshed the PmmC, so I assume it should be 9600.

    Note: I don't know if this effects anything regarding my particular problem, but I purchased this as a GFX and then used the software tool to convert it over to a SGC.

    I appreciate any tips on how I can get past this error and successfully load the configuration file.

    --Asheville, NC

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    The hardware is identical, flipping between SGC and GFX should have no side effects.

    I presume the message you are getting is more along the lines of "Autobaud failed (baud rate incorrect?)"

    This could come about by
    1. Incorrect (but valid) com port selected
    2. Display with GFX Pmmc instead of SGC
    3. Speed in DISP set to different speed to that set in PmmC.

    What splash does the display show?


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      Yes, "Autobaud failed (baud rate incorrect?)" was the error.

      Your tip solved the problem for me. I THOUGHT I had converted the screen from GFX to SGC, but when I looked at the splash screen, I realized it was still a GFX. So, I loaded the SGC Pmmc and then re-tried the DISP and it worked fine (I also rebooted my computer in there someplace, so it could have been a communication issue with a stuck USB port or something). In any case, thanks for the help. This issue can be considered closed.