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SPI communication using uLCD 43-PT

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  • ESPsupport

    Well, if you are willing to forgo usage of the uSD, can make a connector to the uSD socket and are willing to design and code some sort of SPI protocol for both your controller and 4DGL you could do it, but it would be probably be easier to climb Everest or some such.

    Why not use some sort of serial device select protocol with a bit of harware to switch your controllers RX between the two devices?

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  • Carlos_Palma
    started a topic SPI communication using uLCD 43-PT

    SPI communication using uLCD 43-PT

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask if it is possible to use SPI to communicate
    my screen to a microcontroller, so the chip can send data I need to print.
    The reason I'm trying to do this is that I have already used both UART from
    the microcontroller, and It would be great to be able to use another way to
    handle the screen.So far I have read the manual and it says I can only use two UARTS
    attached to the scree and one I2C, but maybe using general purpose I/O as MISO,
    MOSI and SPI clock, and taking into account the Picaso can handle SPI...
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.