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4Display-Shield-160 Load Program Issue (Documentation?)

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  • 4Display-Shield-160 Load Program Issue (Documentation?)


    I'm a software developer, but a complete noob when it comes to Arduino.

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I've got a 160 mounted on a LinkSprite Diamondback (Arduino Dueminalove) and the only way I can get a program to load up is to remove the shield from the Arduino each time. I'm guessing there's a way to do this with the RX/TX/Reset pins on J1, but have tried several different configurations and am having no luck.

    I should also note that my shield came without Jumpers/Shunts on those pins and I currently have jumper wires on all three sets of pins.

    Any help would be appreciated, or just point me to where I can get the details documentation for this shield.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Few questions to start with.
    Are you trying to download to the Arduino with the Shield connected, and are having problems?
    Or are you trying to download to the display with the shield connected, and are having problems?
    Or are you trying to download to the display via the Arduino... which isnt possible.

    I just grabbed a Duemilanove I have here, connected a 4Display-Shield-160 to the Arduino, disconnected the J1 jumpers, and successfully programmed the Arduino no problems.
    I then connected J1 jumpers, and attempted to program the 4Display-Shield-160 again, but it failed - as expected.

    With the Display and the Arduino sharing the same serial port, you have to disconnect J1 in order for the serial lines to be disconnected, otherwise one device will no doubt be spamming the other while you are trying to download.

    However based on what you have said, you seem to be having no luck whether J1 is connected or disconnected... You should no have a problem with this.



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      Fantastic! Thanks. Turns out I need to do the following:

      1. Disconnect the RX and TX jumpers on J1, but leave the Reset jumper connected
      2. Load the program
      3. Unplug the Arduino
      4. Connect the RX and TX jumpers on J1
      5. Power up the Arduino

      That's a repeatable process

      Now, if I could just find a good library to use for loading images from the uSD...
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        Glad you got it working.

        Not sure why you have to specifically leave Reset connected, as its a pin on the Arduino to reset the display, shouldnt have any effect on programming of the Arduino.
        Anyway, good to hear you have it working.

        A library, a good one we know of is found here, not a 4D Systems library.
        or direct to the github repository:

        Download the Master ZIP file, and copy the directory from there into your Arduino Library directory, normally located in your My Documents/Arduino/Libraries/ folder on a Windows PC.
        Start up your Arduino IDE and it should be there.
        As mentioned, this is not a 4D library, so any questions relating to the library should be direct to the Author.



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          Thanks again for all your help.
          Liquid Bread... It's good for you!