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    Hello, I have a small problem of buckle exit on a test of overtaking.I have a system that sets in motion a microcontroleur of at ATMEL and your module LCD-32PT (SGC).The two communicate via the link set.The software permits to send numbers of a telephone number toward the micro to be put in EEPROM memory.A relecture will be made by the ATMEL micro and messenger to your module.On the listing that I send you to you can see in surlignà of color the two places where one comes out of the buckles In the first the exit curls makes itself very well if the value is superior to 10, on the other hand in the second buckle the exit doesn't make itself.I tried everything (, While... wend and repeat foreverNOTHING FUNCTIONS!!!! AND as he/it has none there fashion available serious debug for this module I am stopped Do you have an explanation for this problem?? Thank you for your answer

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    Unfortunately your translator has made a bit of a mess of what you are trying to say and I can't follow it very well.

    Your program seems to 'end' rather than 'repeat forever' in the normal style. Are you aware that if your program 'ends' the screen may clear and you may think it is doing nothing?


    print("Program has ended") ;
    repeat forever

    just above the last endfunc to see if that is what is going on.

    You can use prints followed by pauses throughtout your program to aid in debugging.