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Image draw time increases based on frame index number.

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  • Image draw time increases based on frame index number.

    Hey, I've just noticed that the draw time for the tiles of an image drastically increase with an increase of the frame number.

    Frame 0 takes ~17ms and once you get into the 4000s the draw time is ~40ms. 112x80px images. Makes dragging in my map program painfully slow at certain places since the draw time on the screen doubles.

    I guess my question is this. Is it just a fact of life for the picaso or is there something you guys could update in the pmmc code so that when I get up into 4-5000 numbers the draw time is closer to that 17ms number?

    Kinda hoping I don't have to split up my frames even more. Right now I'm using the Graphics Creator to cut my images into frames. Maybe a modification to the GC that that limits the video to 1000 frames then starts a new video would be easier for you guys and would keep the index relatively low.

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    Its a fact of life unfortunately.

    The seek time to the required image increases based on frame number.

    You would need to use 'raw' mode to overcome this.