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  • Incorrect resolution displayed ?


    This is my second day only working with the module (uLCD-32PT_GFX2/SGC) so forgive me if I've missed something:

    After trying the serial mode I had a few issues so:
    First I updated the PmmC from SGC to GFX2 using homebuilt USB2rs232 - this seems to have gone well and solved the few issues I had with the SGC setting the module came with.
    I have swapped back and forth and all seems ok now I realise I need the "I" version - this could be clearer (how to know) on the web page maybe.
    I also updated the compiler as recommended here.

    The issues I originally had were:
    Not able to read 4GB Fat16 SD card
    No audio at all

    After running many of the examples everything on the module seems to be running fine now.

    This does leave me with a few questions ;

    1. Workshop 3 blue dot drop down gives a Display height of 400 ?

    2. The 4D Fat Controler program now fails to start with error "Autobaud failed"
    Is this something I have set wrong? or does it only work with SGC PmmC ?

    3. The 4D Fat Controler software looks for a rom image - is there something to be downloaded for this?

    4. When uploading a program or PmmC does the software always perform a verify after write?
    or is there an application that would allow a PC to flash/rom compare/verify?

    5. Does the /RESET pin on the module operate as a reset or should it always just be used with DTR
    for programming?

    Thanks - appart from the minor niggles - very nice module.

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    1. That is odd, it is just cosmetic, but obviously it needs to be fixed.
    2. FAT Controller is only for SGC
    3. The ROM image is only needed for certain displays (not a 32pt) and if you want to simulate displays. It can be downloaded from the product page under 'simulation files'
    4. No and No, sorry, it is almost impossible that the program will work if it doesn't download correctly
    5. The reset pin is a reset, The DTR is turned into a reset pulse in the programming cable