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µOLED-160-G1(SGC) broken?

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  • µOLED-160-G1(SGC) broken?

    Hello, i got some of these great displays and they work fine. I just connect 5V+, GND and UART to send some text.

    But sometimes the display suddenly gets broken?! I didn't change anything. From one day to another it starts showing weired things, i attatched an image. It is very dark and distorted. The image was made just connecting 5V+ and GND.

    Now two of five displays have this problem - are they really broken (hardware) or is it just some strange software problem?

    Thank you!
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    Sorry to hear you are having problems with the displays - it is best for you to email in for support to the 4D Support team, rather than on the forum, in this case.

    Drop them an email, [email protected]



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      Ok i figured out that the board the display was connected to was defect. The 5V+ somehow got up to 12V+ so the display modules got burned. I also figured out which chips are broken, it is the one just left to Pin 1 of the 10-Pin connector and the chip in the top left corner, the black one reading "33BB".

      So i will buy new displays and change the board driving them.