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uVGA-II Future Availability?

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  • uVGA-II Future Availability?

    I see the uVGA-III is out (or soon to be). I have a current product that is designed using the uVGA-II, and it looks as if the III will not be suitable as a direct replacement:

    1) II has built-in vga Header. My current design has the II mounted to a PCB, and the vga header is precisely positioned to panel mount to the front of the enclosure....I don't have space for the vga cable assembly I see in the website

    2) Relocation of the IO pins - Won't match my current PCB

    What is the projected availability of the uVGA-II?

    On the plus side, nice move putting the uSD slot on the top, and nibbling out the pcb to make inserting / removing the uSD card easier......
    Best Regards,

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    Greetings Howard,

    Please email sales at 4dsystems dot com dot au for availability of the uVGA-II.

    Thank you for your continued support.



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      We are having the same problem, with a product using uVGA-II. I've asked SALES already, just waiting the answer.

      Besides the physical incompatibility there are software issues, too. We are using serial commands, and the new serial command set is improved. At first glance:

      The commands are 2 byte 1 byte command in uVGA-II
      Line is drawn from origin line command contained both coordinates
      Possibly others. (Is there some migration document?)

      I also would like to know whether you plan to replace the VGA side with DVI or HDMI in the near future?

      Best regards,



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        4D Serial is really completely different, so it would seem a migration document might be a little pointless, but it does need some thought.

        One would hope that if you were using the libraries (or derivative thereof) you will quickly become familiar with the new serial.

        There is a line command that contains both co-ordinates.

        It wouldn't be a uVGA if it was DVI or HDMI I'll let someone else answer the question though


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          Atys Wrote:
          I also would like to know whether you plan to replace the VGA side with DVI or HDMI in the near future?
          At the moment no plans but who knows what the future holds.