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gfx_Cls () : How to tell command has completed.

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  • gfx_Cls () : How to tell command has completed.

    I'm having an issue with the uVGA-II with uVGA-II-GFX-R32.PmmC loaded.

    If I execute a clear screen (gfx_Cls) command, and immediately start sending characters with the putch command, I lose several of those characters.

    I'm assuming that once initiated, the gfx_Cls command is executed in the background. I'm also assuming that other commands (putch, for example) are ignored until the gfx_Cls command has completed.

    Neither gfx_Cls () nor putch () returns anything so I'm going to get no help there.

    I'm looking for a status bit (word?) that can be examined to verify that the gfx_Cls command has completed.

    Could I use the pause() command? Sure, but I'd something a bit more definitive.

    Any help out there?

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    All commands are executed in real time (unless otherwise noted)

    I just tried
    #platform "uVGA-II"

    func main()
    gfx_Cls() ;
    putch('a') ;
    putch('b') ;
    putch('c') ;
    putch('d') ;
    repeat // maybe replace
    forever // this as well

    and it works just fine.

    Perhaps a snippet of code that you are having trouble with might help us understand what is going on


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      Yep. Found the problem ... me.