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uCam-TTL not responding to Sync command

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    i have 2 uCAM-TTL too and i bought them for my master thesis. but they aren'T responding to SYNC commands and my time is passing. i tested them with special equipments in a company and they said they r not working. it seems i threw my money to the garbage. what do u suggest? should choose another camera? or is there any chance that they will work? i'm desperate now.


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      Have you got a 4D programming cable (or CE5 or MB5) do you have it working with the uCAM demo software?

      How are you connecting it? (can you show a circuit diagram)

      Yery few uCAMs are actually faulty, although we have seen instances of people connecting TTL uCAMs to RS232 and this, not unexpectedly destroys them.


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        I've been using them for over a year without issues...first verify that your connections are correct: 3.3V, GND, TXD and RXD (note that TXD goes to RXD on your interface). Make sure the voltage is 3.3V....3.1V may make it fail. Once that is verified, power up the camera and send the SYNC command at one of the known baudrates (I use 115200) and verify that you see it on the RX pin of the camera with a scope. If you don't receive a reply within 100ms, send it again. It may take up to 60 times or 1 second before it finally replies.

        Works every time


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          while I was making some testing, I noticed I need to reset the camera every time I try to sync it. Finally I decide to connect the Vcc cable of the cam to a digital output of my mcu (maple), set it to Low level in the setup, and raise it to high just before syncing.

          try it.