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    Good evening Gents...

    I tried creating a data display with several objects on 2 different forms. Each form has a button on it with the on-changed action set to open the other form. when running under GTX with the program running on the display, touching the buttons doesn't change the form. Likewise, I have the guages setup to update the digits under them when changed. Yet, under GTX, when I change the data for the guages, digit displays aren't updating...

    Not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong with the settings...

    Thanks for any help on this..!!

    Oh, The Pmmc on the 43PT is v3.3
    Attached files (22 B)
    "Questing the Killer 4D App"

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    Unfortunately zip file is empty, not sure why. Could you try again and check the output, then maybe create a manual zip. (There is a weird problem with the zip program ignoring files with blanks in them that will be fixed for the next release)

    Not sure why the buttons aren't changing the forms.

    Howvere, linking updates only works for updates performed by the display, if you update using GTX you must update each separately, this is by design.


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      Attached is the Zipfiles... You were mentioning the object linking part... If I have a guage that is setup to transfer it's data to the LEDdigits object, would it not work under GTX..? It should..! If I setup a button to change forms, it should work with the display running the VisiGinie code created in the IDE. Do you have to run with your project selections set one way or the other...? I tried it both setup as run Flash and run RAM with nogo... I tried compiling to SDcard also, but got an error when trying the SDboot option. It said that it was missing the file or something like that...

      Not sure why this is not working right... The 43PT was working ok for other projects under the v3 IDE. I have updated the PmmC to v3.3 to match the new v4 IDE. Attached files (97.5 KB)
      "Questing the Killer 4D App"


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        If I have a guage that is setup to transfer it's data to the LEDdigits object, would it not work under GTX..? It should..!
        It only links 'within' Genie, eg a knob linked to a LEDDigits.

        From GTX or your app, you need to update each separately. This is to give you extra flexibility, for those cases when you want the values to show different things. If you want them the same, simply create a subroutine to update both at the same time.

        'Normally' you would use 'run FLASH', for your program 'run RAM' should work as well.

        Sorry about the missing, we'll get that fixed.

        As for your program it works fine here, if I touch the ^ button the second for is displayed, if I touch the 'Display Next' button, the first form is displayed


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          Thanks for checking the code out on your end..! I must have something gone wrong with the touch pad on the 43PT here... I will load-up the keyboard test program and see if that still works..!

          I am still a bit confused about the "inter-object" data passing though.. I was atempting to give incomming data to the "guage" objects, then those bojects would transfer the data to the "LED-digit" objects on form 1. The same kind of action is needed on form 0. Data from the RPM guage on form 1 sends its data to the LED digits on form 1, then the LED digits on form 1 send a copy of the data to the angluar meter object on form 0, then the meter on form 0 sends its data to the LED digits on form 0. The meter on form 0 is drawn first (over writing the LED digits inage) then the meter object sends the data to the LED digits object re-drawing the digits inage on top of the meter. This allows the two objects to "appear" as if they are the same object. The result would be a anglular meter with LED digits showing on the bottom...

          So, you are saying this "data passing" between objects inside the display does not happen. I have the "events" section setup to update the next object. The PDF help files show how to setup this "data passing" action, and I think I have the Genie code I sent you setup that way. Does this data passing work on your test bench..? Should it not work correctly using the GTX tool..?

          I will start writing the serial routines for the PIC-32 MPU that will be talking to the displays soon. I was wanting to use several displays connected together on a Rs-485 buss to connect to just one UART data channel on the PIC-32 MPU. I was hoping that the "extended" protocols would include display addressing so several display units could be strung together to form a multi display UI...

          Thanks for all the help 4-D !!!

          Keep up the good work..! (can't wait for the new 7" display)
          "Questing the Killer 4D App"


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            Maybe your touch panel needs calibrating, try touching in the area around where the button is.

            Have a look at the SoundPlayer Genie Demo, and run it.

            See the way the changing of the volume control changes the Sounds volume setting and also the LedDigits value.

            Also see the way the changing of the tune chages the sounds tune and also the text associated with that tune.

            That is what the 'OnChanged' etc. 'data passing' is for, it is for changes that occur 'within' the display.

            If you change any of the objects using GTX, only the individual objects change, this is as desgned and is used here, with Strings 0, see how it start's 'blank' but there is no way to get it blank again except by using GTX, if the command to set it blank was 'passed' a tune would try to play and this would not be the desired result.

            Taking that to another app, the strings object could have a whole lot of values that could only be displayed from GTX (or your controller), eg, a rotatry switch could read 'slow', 'meduim', 'fast', but the strings object could also have 'Power fail', 'error' etc. ViSi would display the normal values, but the error values could only be set by GTX, and this would not upset the position of the knob.

            Hope that helps a bit