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Newbie question. Problems uploading pictures on modules

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  • Newbie question. Problems uploading pictures on modules


    I just discovered the small OLED modules and my first tests are done with a µOLED-160-GMD1. But I will make same kind of tests with the µOLED-96-PROP.

    My goal is to loop play a small movie from the SD card. As I forgot to order the USB adaptor and I haven't built the MAX-232 interface yet to connect to my PC, I was trying to load the card thru a card reader. So after installing Graphic Composer (not very user friendly I have to say, but I am a Mac man, everything from Windows seems horful to me ;-) ), I tried to creade a small slide show, first with jpegs, then with AVI. GC created an empty folder called "my name".gcs.d and a "my name".gcs file. I copied both files including the original pictures and movie to the card and of course, nothing works ! I just get a yellow strip accross the screen and some pixels coming after a while.

    I think I tried it too simple but as I said before, I am a Mac man !

    BTW, I used GC on Parallels

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    Okay: RTFM !

    Now does anybody has a good setting for movie playback ?


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      The latest Graphics Composer (ver was put up only a few days ago, it might be worth while to download and install this version. The link to the folder is here:

      Then read the "Graphics Composer User Guide" and pay particular attention to "Serial Platform" sections which is what the µOLED-160-GMD1 module is. Once you have composed and downloaded your slide show into the uSD memory card (highly recommended to use a SD card reader) insert the card into your module. Do this when the module is not powered. On the back of the module you'll see a 2 pin jumper, short this with the shunt that's provided then power-up your module. The Slide Show in the uSD card will playback automatically.

      Let us know how it turns out.