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Rs-485 interface for ViSi Genie

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  • Rs-485 interface for ViSi Genie

    I was wondering if anyone had thoughs of adding device addressing to the protocols controlling the Genie displays. It would be a simple matter of adding a few IO lines to a DIP sw to set the units address to match up to. I'm sure the rest of it would be hard, changing the PnnC and IDE software. But, after doing so, several of the display units could be strung together with a simple 4-wire "power/data" setup.

    I just wanted to get a glmise of the possable intrest level of everyone on the forum.

    The interface PCB to the display could have a simple Rs-485 tranciever with protection circuits and a local voltage regulator to support the display. This would allow the UI to be moved some distance away from the main controller if needed also.

    Thanks in advance for adding your thoughts to the streem...!
    "Questing the Killer 4D App"

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    What is currently proposed is a single byte file on uSD that defines the unit address.

    For IDE purposes, only one display would be connected at a time.


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      I have got a board design started for an interface to the display unit. I was wondering what IO pin would be used to control the rs-485 transciever IC. (as shown on IO-3) If the unit is operating with "Genie" code, I assume this pin would be "hard assigned" and not changable... not sure...

      Also, I have brought out all the display units IO pins to a connector area on the board. I was thinking maybe a "sea of holes" area on the board that would allow the user to fit any custom hardware needed to complete a project. But, this possably brings up a larger question.

      In the "Genie" mode of operation, will there be any "objects" created that allow the use of the extra IO pins of the display to be used in there normal way...?

      Thanks for any feedback 4-D..! Attached files 4-D_PT43_Display_Interface.pdf (22.3 KB)
      "Questing the Killer 4D App"