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uVGA Picaso connections

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  • uVGA Picaso connections

    Hi everyone,

    I recently received my Picaso controller and baseboard and am starting a project connecting it to my Arduino. I am fairly new to this environment considering I have only started a few months ago. I was hoping someone could explain what the connections of the uVGA are and how they would connect correctly to the Arduino to receive signal out of a display. The connections on the uVGA are as follows:


    Mostly, I am concerned with what the - and + really mean. I already assumed the RES is "reset". I believe also that the - is ground and the + is VCC. Correct me if I am wrong please. Hoping someone could help me out ASAP. I would really like to get this up and running smoothly. Thanks in advance!

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    Look at Page 40 of the User Manual. You'll find the download link to it on the uVGA-PICASO-MD1 product page.
    There's also some other useful information in the rest of the User Manual.


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      Problem with detcting 0x55 "U". I will not take the command. The picture proceed the demo. I am feeding the RX input by a open collector. The VGA chip seems to have a pull up resistans. The voltage is between 0V and 3.3 V. with a little help of hold up resistance 1500 ohm to +5V. I am holding high during start. Thus it result with a negative startbit and then 4 negative bits. But for me it is confusing when normal RS232 is low in idle mode. I have scanned with a wide range of BAUDrate. Do the chip take only the standard BAUD rate or can it take wide scale between? How is the polarity?


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        If the module runs the demo without receiving any commands, it is probably because the RUN jumper on the baseboard (above R19, near the DB-9 VGA connector) is still in place (the device is shipped with the shunt in place). Try removing the shunt from the RUN pins and see if the module will then accept serial commands.

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          Thank you Steve! Now I can write on the screen.