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GFX mode - Possibility to transfer .4XE files to uSD card ?

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  • GFX mode - Possibility to transfer .4XE files to uSD card ?


    I am using the uVGA-II in GFX mode with a "resident" program in FLASH that loads "sub-programs" from the uSD card with the file_run() functions.

    Right now, when I update one of the subprogram I have to :
    - compile in WORSHOP 4
    - take out the uSD card from the uVGA-II and put it in PC/MAC reader
    - copy the program onto the uSD card
    - put the uSD card in the uVGA-II reader
    - try it out

    So I was wondering if there is (or there could be) a way to download from WORKSHOP 4 the "sub-programs" on to the uSD card while it is in the uSD card reader of the uVGA-II. This direct upload onto the uSD would save a lot of uSD card moving around.

    Actually a uSD Destination could be added in the PROJECT tab on the WORKSHOP 4.


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    Trouble is that it would be very slow.

    Not that slow for 'just programs', but for .gci type files it will take 'forever'.

    So it has to stay on the wishlist for quite a bit longer


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      OK, I understand.

      GCI files could still be transferred on the SD card plugged in a PC/MAC because they are big, but program files are not that big ( < 14Kb) , so it sounds manageable even at 9600 bauds.

      I wish you and the 4D Systems team a very happy new year and wish you all to be successful in your life and business.



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        Hi Eric,

        I had the same problem and I have made an application that does just that and it works fine for me. It works at 115200 Baud, so it is reasonably fast (less than a second for small .4xe files). It can upload and download files, calculate CRC and display a list of files on the SD. It has two parts, one is written in 4dgl and uploaded to the LCD and the other is a LabVIEW application that runs on a PC.
        Unfortunately, the application is integrated as a part of my project and at least for the moment not in the shape to be redistributed as a standalone executable. I am considering making such an executable, but there is quite some additional work to do that.
        As far as adding an option to the Workshop, I think it could be done in a similar way. So, one 4dgl application, which is first loaded to display RAM and the function within the workshop that sends the data to it.



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          Hi Valentin,

          Sorry for the late answer, just didn't see there was a reply.

          Cool that you manage to get the transfer working. The solution is quite neat.

          Hope you get a chance to build it into a standalone executable. I am definitly interested if you make it available.

          I've seen LabView name pop up in many places on the web. I'll have to check it you. Can it actually do some stats and display collected data?



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            Hi Valentin,

            Would you mind to give a rundown how you approached the issue?
            Not asking for any code not even pseudo code. Just a few lines of the major steps.
            Just a generic approach.
            Many thanks.