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uLCD-32PT - no connection :(

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  • uLCD-32PT - no connection :(

    Today recived uLCD32PT. LCD connected via USB-RS232 converter. Proper com port sellected, still RED status Two different converters tested. What the problem is? Only this message

    Device is not responding. Please check your configuration. Have you got an SGC PmmC loaded by mistake?

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    On the web site it says

    Warranty Note: PmmC/Firmware or user application code programming should only be carried out using the 4D Programming cable (4D Programming Cable). Any malfunction because of custom or third party USB to Serial converters or Serial(RS232) to Serial(TTL) level converters will void the warranty.

    Also, the RX and TX lines are TTL Level - tolerant up to 5V, so why would you even attempt to use a USB to RS232 converter.

    The TTL slandard uses a simple 0v - VCC(originally 5v, more recently 3.3v) swing to represent 0 and 1, the RS232 standard uses a large negative (up to -25v) to a large positive (up to +25v) swing to represent 0 and 1, consequently the two are incompatible, connecting RS232 to TTL will destroy the TTL device.


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      Sorry, my mistale, not 232, but USB to Serial UART converter (FTDI) i have - same like original from 4D systems shop


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        Since it doesn't work, the most likely reason is it's not "same like original from 4D systems shop" enough