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how to find out the number of images in a file ?

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  • how to find out the number of images in a file ?


    I have the problem, that I need a funktion to reed out the numbers of images, tha are stored in a file.

    In my programm I have about 100 little files, wehre 1-20 images were stored.
    with a kind of menu I choose the File (which name is "calculated" by the programm) and the display the first picture.
    If I cheese a other file, the old will free with mem_Free and the new file will be loaded.

    But when the file is loded I must know, how many picture are stored in the file and it is to memintens to write it down for every file in Variable because there are some groups of different files.

    Have someone an idear?

    Thanks, Luriel

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    The sample for file_LoadImageControl has

    print ("Loaded ", img[img], " images\n");

    in it, where img is the handle returned from file_LoadImageControl, a bit hard to find though