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Appending to a string.

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  • Appending to a string.

    I am finding it impossible to append, let alone change a single character in a string. Am I just missing something or can you not modify an already defined array of characters. This snippet of code shows that I can access the specified array element, but I can't modify it.

    func main() gfx_Set(SCREEN_MODE,LANDSCAPE) ; var c; c := "This is a Test"; print ( "Variable = "); print ( [CHR] c[5] ); c[0] := '3'; print ( [STR] c ); pause(8000);endfunc

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    Variables and array elements are 16 bits long, which should make it a bit easier to understand why your code behaves the way it does.

    There are many string handling examples to be found in these forums, there are also examples here

    And of course in the supplied examples.


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      I'm actually finding it very hard to find an example where an array element is being modified without modifying the rest of the string. That example with APPEND is exactly what I needed, but the previously mentioned problem eludes me altogether.


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        From the manual I would guess str_PutByte() would do that


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          Please note that 4DGL is very similar to C in the fact that
          var c; c := "This is a Test";

          sets c to point to a hard coded string in the code memory space that cannot be altered.

          If you wish to manipulate a string you need to get the static string into memory like so:-

          var buffer[10]; // 10 word array can hold 20 chars

          to(buffer); putstr("This is a Test"); // copy a static string to word aligned memory

          then you can access individual characters using a string pointer, eg:

          var p;
          p := str_Ptr(c); // raise a string pointer to word aligned memory
          putch(str_GetByte(p+3)); // will priint the 's'


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            Thank you both. PutByte definitely did it and the string pointer let me navigate and manipulate the string or rather, array of characters. Thanks!