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    Pretty awesome that you guys are selling on Mouser now. I saw the DIABLO 16 on mouser with an April 19th availability date on it. Is this when we can expect it? I'm eager to play with it.

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    Any preliminary documentation? Also, it would be awesome to see a table with some processor comparison metrics....
    Best Regards,


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      Just found a Diablo function file in the last build of the Workshop that I have Howard (take a look here ...\Program Files\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE\INCLUDE\DIABLO16B_FUNCTIONS.FNC).

      Looks really promising 4D guys! Any solid release dates yet? Would be pretty cool if this makes it out in time to make it into our first product version in a few months. If you guys want me to beta test one don't hesitate to message me!


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        Hi Guys,

        No official release date as of yet. As with all R&D there's hurdles along the way and the DIABLO processor is no different.

        Rest assured we'll get there, however in the meantime we ask for your patience

        The DIABLO based products on the Mouser website will be taken down shortly, we apologise for the pre-release teaser. And yes, it certainly is awesome to see our products on the Mouser site

        On behalf of the 4D team, I'd like to thank you all for your continued support. 2013 is going to be a big year here at 4D as we introduce a whole new range of display solutions for you all.

        Best Regards,
        Sinan Aknar