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  • Button borders

    Hi I'm using the Workshop 4 VISI and I have created a form with a white panel on it, and when I create a button, let's say green, and display this button into the screen it show black corners where is suppose to be transparent.
    If I move the button outside the panel on an image background (this BG is not black) it shows perfect round corners using a transparency in the corners.
    Why is changing the transparency of the button corners when it's over a panel?

    Another question, there is a way to now at runtime how much memory for data is available (to storage global variables)?
    There is a difference on the amount of memory available when running from ram or flash? how much? (for variables again)

    Thanks a lot

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    The only thing that is supposed to be 'behind' something is the 'form', so when the button is generated it will have black corners if the form is black.

    To do what I think you want to do create a background image for the form with the panel on it.

    mem_Heap() will show you how much RAM is available.


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      Ok, I got it.

      So the form background will be always on the transparent corners of buttons, it isn't what I expected but I can work with that.

      Thanks for the memory function.