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  • download video on µsd card

    Hi everybody,

    I've got a µoled160 G1 (SGC) and i can do most of commands with an arduino, text, image, circle etc ...

    I have still a problem, when i use the graphic composer V3 and i try to download a video on the µsd card that is plug in an usb port with an usb adapter on my PC, the progress bar start and the green line progess to the 3/4 and freeze ??

    After removing the µsd because nothing seems to happen , i attempt to plug it in the µoled160 G1;
    I send the right commands (always with the arduino)and just two seconds of the video appears.(better than nothing and authorize some hope !)

    Is there a step by step tutorials to explain how to download a video properly with the graphic composer V3, cause the step by step indicated in an other post is old and does not work with this version ?

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    Hmm, I'm wondering if your video is a bit 'off'

    How many frames are in it?

    When you have your video open in GC how many frames does GC show as 'End Frame'

    If you click on 'Edit' and drag the positioner to the end, does GC display the end frame, or dows it lock up?

    If it locks up try again using the Frame number a few short of the end and click the 'up' button to try and determine the actual number of frames in the video. (if this means the 'end frame' is higher, try setting the end frame to this number and rebuild your GCI

    What version of GC are you using?


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      Thanks so much for your prompt reply, after modifying the number as you suggest the video has come completely.

      To answer your requests, the version i used was : .

      Yes the GC displayed the end frame, the end of frame was 901;

      I tried a frame number of 900 and the conversion was ok and quick !

      Thanks again for this little tip that i needed to complete my exploration of this oustanding product.