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raw image capture using ov528 camera module

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  • raw image capture using ov528 camera module

    Hi every one

    i need to read an uncompressed data from a ov528 camera module.
    For that iam using ucam demo rev2 software.
    but unfortunately this software is giving image and ack for only jpeg image.
    i think ucam rev4 software can serve my purpose but iam not sure about it.
    can anyone help to solve this issue?

    i have another problem too...
    iam writing a code for my purpose in matlab.
    initially i wrote it for jpeg.. i got output image but it contains black spots and some disturbance in the image..
    how to solve it?
    kindly help

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    Are you sure your camera is an OV528?

    The OV529 is JPEG only, which could explain what you are seeing.

    Can you show a sample of your 'black spot' images?


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      iam sure that my camera module is ov528.
      but it is not responding for raw images.
      i attached the picture of it.
      what might be the reason?

      while running matlab the images are as shown in the below attachment..please find it.
      please find it and suggest a solution.


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        please find the below attachments

        kindly suggest a solution

        thanks in advance. Attached files


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          Because of the 'symmetry' of the error bars I have the feeling that there may be a bug in your matlab program and the way it is loading the data.

          As for the uCam demo snapshot, it is too compressed for me to read and I don't have a CSI class digital enhancement program handy.


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            thank you for the information.
            i will attach the snapshot clearly.

            i need one more information.
            kindly send the format of the jpeg data.
            i mean if i fix packet size as many bytes will be allotted for header and how many bytes will be the checksum for each frame... Attached files