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  • fonts problem

    For a project I need to use different(larger height 43) fonts(ubuntu fonts) for multiple languages(All blocks).
    If I use the latest font program and compile(selecting GCI) I get an error.
    Integer overflow.

    With version I can compile the font and I use All blocks, the font will be > 400MB, this I copy to sdcard(fat16) and I use it on the display
    and it works perfect.
    If I use traditional to compile I get wrong signs on the display.

    Could somebody point me in the good direction to solve this.

    many thanks

    * sorry see there is a seperate font forum

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    Unfortunately fonttool was written in a way that makes it very difficult for it to work with large fonts.

    Can you try this?

    1. Using Workshop (preferably WS4, but you can 'try' 3 if you only have that installed), create a new Picaso ViSi Program (any sort of display).
    2. Add a strings Object (any location)
    3. Click on the strings property and then the ellipsis (...) that appears
    4. Change the 'object attributes' font and size to what you want and change the style to unicode
    5. Click ok
    6. save and compile, ignoring the copy step
    7. try using the .gc1 file created in your project folder as your .GCI


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      Many thanks for helping!I installed the new workshop 4.Whit this I created a new visi geni project and used the ubuntu font, this worked well.Than I copied the gci and dat file which where created by this project over to the sdcardAs soon as I goto the screen which loads the text and font the display restarts/reboots.I used following code:
      HTML Code:
         var imageFile;    var fontFile;     // load image file and fonts    imageFile := file_LoadImageControl("01splash.Dat", "01splash.Gci",1);    fontFile := file_LoadImageControl("u_33.DAT", "u_33.GCI", 1);                   // check loading image file    if(!imageFile || !fontFile)        putstr("Failed to load critical files in startupView...");        repeat forever    endif     // Show background    img_Show(imageFile,0);     // Starting text    txt_MoveCursor(16, 10);    txt_Opacity(TRANSPARENT);                   // 8  text OPAQUE or TRANSPAREN    txt_FontID(fontFile);    print([STR] loadLanguage(1));               // STARTING...     // cleanup    mem_Free(fontFile);    mem_Free(imageFile);


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        The pasted code makes it look like your program is going to 'end' and hence the display will restart/reboot.

        Can you put in a 'repeat forever' or maybe post a runnable version of your code?


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          I had to use
          unicode_page(0x0000, 0x00FF, 0x20);