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uOLED-128-G1 - uOLED-128-G2 SGC migration?

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  • uOLED-128-G1 - uOLED-128-G2 SGC migration?

    Hello all,

    I had a uOLED-128-G1 in an application for several years, however due to a bad mechanical design by me which was putting pressure on the flexible cable it died recently.

    I purchased a uOLED-128-G2 (not doing the research I should have) to replace it, however I now realise the serial interface has changed significantly! Commands have gone from a byte to a word, and changed ID's.

    I am looking at a huge code rewrite just to get an existing project running again.

    Is there an alternative to a rewrite of the serial master code? Is there a firmware I can flash to the G2 to make it compatible with the G1 SGC protocol???

    Thanks Attached files

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      I'm also in the same situation, having designed a system over the last 18 months using the ĀµOLED-160-G1(SGC) I now want to start making 30 of these systems. Whilst I appreciate that new designs are required, there is a big difference in compatibility between the two versions.

      Is there a migration guide available?


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        We apologise for any inconvenience caused and that is not our intention. All of the latest Goldelox based -G2 modules will still support the old SGC platform as well as the Workshop3 IDE (just load the old -G1 pmmc you've been using).

        However, in moving forward, we will not be supporting the older platforms, so if you feel this will help you with your present issues then by all means use this technique. Please note, the new Picaso hardware modules -PTU's are not backward compatible with the old SGC platform due to hardware differences.

        A migration document would seem to encourage a 'bad' migration, eg the string command always includes the color as a required parameter, whereas with the new serial you only need to send the color when it actually needs changing, so using a migration guide would probably result in an inefficient implementation of the new serial. In reality the new serial is too different to do a migration guide, sorry.


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          Still really upset about the G2 revision with no concern for people with a good working G1 system! I want to continue using the old uOLED-96-G1, I have no desire to spend countless hours revising code and learning a new product. Not to mention that the new footprint doesn't even match!!! You guys should not End of Life a product and offer no real replacement product. And the EOL was a mere 2 month notice at that!

          I have tried loading the old PmmC for the G1 into my "new" G2 module with no luck, I get nothing but a blank display. Any suggestions?

          Product is uOLED-96-G2

          would like it to work with old serial host code as if it were a G1


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            There is an SGC PmmC for the uOLED-96-G2 here


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              Thanks, got it working... now to redesign my PCBs to accept the new footprint...