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  • Failed autobaud

    I am using a uOLED-96-G2 as a serial terminal to receive and display data at 38400 baud from a PICAXE.
    I can, and have, successfully changed the Pmmc within the display using the Pmmc loader and a 4D USB to serial cable.

    I can also use Workshop 4 to install the SPE functions. However, none of the other utilities work. I always get an "autobaud failed" error when using DISP, FAT controller, or Graphics Controller. I have tried default baud (9600), my preferred 38400, and another "default" of 115200, in each case using Workshop 4 to set baud before re-programming SPE.

    No luck.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    However, none of the other utilities work. I always get an "autobaud failed" error when using DISP, FAT controller, or Graphics Controller.
    DISP and FAT Controller are for SGC, not 4D Serial (SPE). The 4D Serial tool is Serial Commander (SC) You will find it on the utilities TAB in Workshop, after you have indicated the serial Environment.

    Graphics composer doesn't have 'autobaud failed'.


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      Ah-Ha! Thank you. The difference between sgc and spe is not at all clear. Also, I had a bit of a struggle before I realized that the sector addresses provided by the .txt file created by Graphics Composer were applicable to Picasso only, and have to be "massaged" to work with Goldelox running SPE.

      All is working now.



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        i am working with ┬ÁTOLED-20-G2.

        I have installed PmmC for that Display, Rev24

        After Power-up, the display Shows the following splash:

        128 x 128

        Sending autobaud fails via:
        - Fat Controller, Disp Tool, using original cable USB set from 4D
        - mbed board (ARM), connected via cable from 4D

        I can switch to 4D Workshop, loading "SPE Load" and this will work. I can use Serial Commander to set commands from PC-Host to the display,...., everything works fine.

        The issue is the Serial Option with PmmC, which don't accept autobaud.

        Any ideas? Would be happy for any available idea, Information.

        thanks Bernd


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          Bmu, I have a uOled-96-G2 being driven by a Picaxe ucontroller, and had the same issues.
          I found that the start up timing is somewhat critical. You must communicate with the display AFTER it has initialized, but BEFORE the "built-in" functions are invoked.

          A rough idea of the timing can be observed by noting the splash screen. It will take several seconds for the splash screen to appear after power up, and then several more seconds (perhaps) before the splash screen starts to scroll.

          It is during this first interval that you must do your initialization (i.e., turn off scrolling, move the cursor, get SD images, change color and text, etc.).

          I am running at 38400 baud, a limit determined by the Picaxe, not the display.

          Hope this helps!


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            The issue is the Serial Option with PmmC, which don't accept autobaud
            There is no autobaud command in SPE.

            If you are trying to change the baud rate you can either change the SPE default (on the options, Serial window), of use the change baud rate command.

            You can communcate with the display before the splash screen appears, but must wait the delay as mentioned in the manual after power up before you attempt to communicate.


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              I am now confused.
              What should i do , to run uToled-20-G2 as slave in combination with a microcontroller board as host (like mbed)?

              With regards to your manuals, i have installed PmmC! And now PmmC don't accept Autobaud.
              Autobaud is the Initial command which has to be sent, before i can start.


              Or: Should i install "SPE LOAD" (without autbaud)! Is it possible to send Serial commands from Microcontroller? Which commands ? There are different command sets for Pmmc / SGC and SPE Load...?

              - Goldelox-SGC Command Set, or Goldelox Serial Enviroment Command Set ?

              Please set me up?
              thanks and regards BMu


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                SGC has been discontinued and is not available for the Toled.

                You have a choice as described on the descriptions tab here

                Both ViSi-Genie and Serial can be controlled using serial and a microcontroller as a host 'out of the box'. You should be able to find full documentation for both on that page.


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                  Hello Morderator,

                  now it is clear and i am sorted. In between, i am also connected. :-)

                  But please review the actual datasheet of the TOLED, chapter 5, PmmC Firmware programming.
                  Maybe. you should add some more Details and remarks.

                  regards BMu


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                    We have a similar issue. With the old G1 SGC display I was able to use the DISP command to load configuration data (e.g. different fonts and splash screen text) into a display. Is it possible to do the same with the G2 displays? I can't see any option in Workshop 4 nor the Serial Commander to provide the functionality of the old DISP utility.



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                      There is an app note "4D-AN-G5001" here that describes how to use different fonts.

                      I believe there is one in the works for the splash screen, in the meantime have a look in
                      C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Utils
                      and inside the that matches your display
                      You will need to 'reload SPE' after making any changes


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                        Presumably another option (since we've written serial code for the G1 board) is to convert the G2 board into a G1 board by loading the appropriate G1 SGC PMMC file? Is this safe to do?


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                          Only the 128 and 160 G2s, the 96-G2 will not work at all