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SD files corrupting when played

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    To our knowledge, there is not an SD card issue on the forums, or anywhere else that has not been resolved satisfactorily.

    Every failing card that we have been able to get hold of has also failed on a normal PC.

    Our suggestion to try another make of card was made to get you going in the quickest possible time.

    As I understand it your local distributor is in the very early stages of investigating this issue with you. Should he be unable to resolve the issue satisfactorily he will attempt to acquire one or more of the failing cards from you for us to be able to analyse it fully.

    Rest assured that we want to resolve this issue in a manner satisfactory to all parties.


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      Hello Mark,

      We meet the same files corruption issue in the SD card after about 700 hours of operation. Our problem is that many of our products back in service and we have to treat very quickly. The SD card that we currently use is the reference: TRANSCEND TS2GUSDC Flash Memory Card, microSD , 2 GB What causes you have recorded following the similar returns of your differents clients that we see appear in your website. Thanks.


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        The last post in this thread is over 2 and a half years old now.

        We have said even longer ago, not to use Transcend cards, see here

        Due to the constantly increasing 'density' of memory cards the 'read disturb' problem is becoming apparent with less and less read activity.

        We now recommend that our customers only use Industrial uSD cards with Read Disturb protection.

        The choice of a 'quality brand' is no longer sufficient to help against this insidious issue.

        Recent Sandisk 'Retail' cards take a significant performance hit in order to 'try' and protect themselves against read disturb.

        I think you will understand that we cannot possibly protect against the failure of uSD hardware with a software update to the display.