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Unicode char(s) in Captions

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  • Unicode char(s) in Captions

    In ViSi-Genie trying to put a checkmark (U+2714) as the Caption in the StatusWhenOn field of a button.

    Is this possible - even via hand editing?

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    Sure, put it on the clipboard and paste it in there


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      Sheesh. The learning here is that you must move the cursor out of a field in order to get it "to take."

      I.e. pasting the char into the field and then hitting build does not take the new value.


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        Yes, well, it's a bit hard isn't it.

        If it 'takes' as soon as you enter it, you can't use ESC to get the old value back, so you need to press 'enter' to get it to 'take'.

        It could perhaps be a bit smarter though.


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          Wow. At least your smart ass tone is consistent day to day. That's very customer friendly and much appreciated.

          It's actually a little worse than 'it could perhaps be a bit smarter though'.

          If you paste a value - say for a width of something - and hit build, the build will not include that pasted value but the IDE will change the width of the object in the preview panel.

          This may be a similar issue that I was seeing when trying to change my baud rate from 38400 to 19200 and the 19200 not 'taking'.

          Would be cool if that all worked consistently.


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            Dunno what you are on about, the behaviour is consistent with many IDEs and was chosen that way as being the most 'helpful' to the user.


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              When I said 'it's a bit hard isn't it'

              I could have said.

              In developing an IDE it's a bit hard to decide whether to 'take' edits immediately (and commit them), or wait until the user presses enter (and allow for the ESC key to undo what has been entered/edited).

              I like to think we are all friends here and that you will take my brevity in it's best context rather than putting in the effort to treat it as some sort of flippant comment.

              I never mean to do that


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                Writing is not a good communication medium unless intent is clearly stated. We do not have the common background to productively shortcut that fact. It is not the reader's (a.k.a the customer's) burden to interpret.

                How about addressing the issue? Given the pasting/building scenario I outlined do you believe that things behave as a user should expect?