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Update uOLED-32028-PMD3T

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  • Update uOLED-32028-PMD3T


    I'm trying to update my display with the new firmware with serial support.
    I'm using the display with my arduino.

    To update the display, I've removed my atmel processor from my arduino port
    an use now the arduino as an usb-rs232 converter. The display is connected to
    the VCC, GND, RX and TX on port 0 and 1.

    It works. I've tried to send some commands like "U" and "Vn" and also "E".

    Now, when I start the PmmC Loader, I select the right port, select the
    uOLED-320XX-PMD3-uSD-Serial_rev3.pmmc and start with pressing "load,
    the leds on my arduino port blinks and nothing happens.

    Is there anything I have too look for?


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    The PmmC loader expects the DTR line to be tied to the reset line on the display. If the Loader cannot RESET the display, it will not erase and load the PmmC firmware.

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      I am also trying to update the pmmc through the arduino. And I am having similar problems
      I have connected the reset of the display to pin 1 of where the atmel processor was, as this pin is the reset it. I can reset the display by pressing the reset botton on the arduino, but I cannot get the PmmC loader working.
      Any sugetions?


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        The best way to repload PmmCs is to unplug the shield from the Arduino and connect a CE5/MB5 to the connector on the shield that is there for that purpose.

        If you are not doing it that way you may be in for a difficult learning curve.

        How are you trying to do this?


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          I know that the best way is to connect the display to a CE5/MB5, but I was not aware that I needed it, so now I am trying to updata the pmmc file through the Arduino. The display I have is the µLCD-144(GFX), which I would like to change to SGC, such that I can program it through the Arduino.
          Is this completely imposible?
          I have removed the ATMEGA chip from my Arduino Uno.
          Connected 5V from Arduino to VIN on the display.Connected GND from Arduino to Both GND on the display.Connected TX from Arduino to RX on the display in series with 1k Ohm.Connected RX from Arduino to TX on the display.Connected the Reset pin from Arduino to the RES on the display.
          When pressing the reset button on the Arduino the screen restarts, but I am unsure if this is the DTR line mentioned by smcmanus?
          When I try to load the ommc file the program is just waiting for device and the RX led on the Arduino board is flashing. But it is never finding the device.
          Any sugection of what I might be doing wrong?


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            If I buy a 1.44" LCD Display Shield for Arduino, do I still need a CE5/MB5?