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information about uLCD-320-PMD2

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  • information about uLCD-320-PMD2


    I woul like to use a uLCD-320-PMD2, but before it i have any question.

    is it easy to use the serail command?

    what is the minimum delay time between 2 pictures called from the sd card?

    for an animation, is it possible tu use mpeg format?

    tkx for your answer.

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    The serial commands are very simple and straightforward to use. Please see the excellent documentation that contains numerous examples of the extensive serial command set.

    There is no minimum delay required for images displayed from the uSD card (video formats are displayed with no delay between frames).

    The Graphics Composer, which can be used to load both single images and video to the uSD card, supports AVI, WMV. MPG and Animated GIF formats for video.

    Don't wait, get your uLCD-320-PMD2 now. ;-)

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      tanks for your answer,

      for the delay time, I would like to know, how many time take the card to show the desired pictures via rs232 (uart) command ?

      this is an important question for me, because for my project I have try to use a media player with compact flash card, and with it, it is impossible to change a display picture speedly than 0.7 seconde, and this time is to long for my application.
      PS : the 0.7s is the time that the media player need to load the picture from the compact flash and the time for send it to the display.

      I have take a look of the demo video of uLCD-320-PMD2 with compting, and the refresh looks like between 0.5 and 1 seconde. can it goes speeder ?

      thanks for our answer.