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µTOLED-20-G2 max framerate?

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  • µTOLED-20-G2 max framerate?

    Hello to all.

    Looks like µTOLED-20-G2 is a very cool module, which I was looking for a very long time. But for me is very important its maximum framerate due to its specific usage (several sensors with high framerate and the need for rapid updating of displayed information).

    When I used uOLED-128-G1 ( it have extremely low framerate (less then 2Hz, while the display itself physically was able to work with framerate 170Hz (as I remember its datasheet).

    So, what framerate can be achieved with µTOLED-20-G2 and 4DGL when the whole display is refreshing in each frame?
    Or maybe there is an opportunity to buy the transparent display only?

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    The TOLED will be about the same speed as the uOLED.

    Your quantification of 'frame rates' is not very useful.

    The 170hz you refer to is the screen refresh rate, the rate at which the system refreshes the screen.

    When we talk about frame rate we are generally talking about a video of some sort being presented. On our displays this is achieved by placing the 'video' on the uSD card and playing it from there. A uOLED-128-G1 will be about 12 FPS, the TOLED is comparatively slower as the screen is larger. Similary, if your video is only half the screen the frame rate will double.

    You were using SGC before, the TOLED has never been available as SGC.

    Did you ever get around to trying pregenerated images, or GFX? What about the newer 4D Serial?


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      Your quantification of 'frame rates' is not very useful.
      Agreed, let's talk in the context of frames per second, when the whole screen is updated in each frame.

      Did you ever get around to trying pregenerated images, or GFX?
      Yes, I created images for all background states and use them, drawing only the text info over it. Also this module was not in vacuum - it continued constantly receiving new data from sensors, what takes its time too.
      So, yes, it gave me a boost, but too little for needed 10 FPS (minimum).

      Anyway, at that moment I needed a fast display and needed it quickly. So I found another.. hmm.. "workaround". I took display from my old Siemens M55 and created my own display controller for it, fast enough for my purposes. And it still lives, but this is not a solution that I want.
      That's why I really like this display and I would like to use it, but in "raw". Is there any possibility to get just it?


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        Please send an email to [email protected]