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Read analog value on gauge

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  • Read analog value on gauge

    Hi every body !

    I 'm newbie here ,and after searching, found a post of an analog value read on µLCd
    like voltmeter and AD hex value, work so good !

    I tryed use this function with one widget gauge , but no good on compiling .

    If everyone can help me thank a lot .

    Attached files essai_perso_1.4Dg (840 B)

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    The compiler is trying to tell you 2 things.

    1. Variable raw is not declared, so put a
    var raw ;
    up after the main

    2. There's a comma missing in
    media_VideoFrame(raw 0, 100) ; // where numx is 0 to 100 (for a displayed 0 to 100)
    even so, adding the comma would stil make it odd, whouldn't it be mode like
    media_VideoFrame(0, 0, raw) ; // where numx is 0 to 100 (for a displayed 0 to 100)


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      I'm so happy !

      Excuse me for ma less capacity in programming ,I learning in, and very interest in their product.

      Discovered these application display by an electronic book ,and displayed one very attractive example.
      But underestimate programming capability need for a custom displaying ...

      With your help my programm run fine ,and during this morning I trying built another program with digit
      Run good ,and try modify it to indicate real analog value like 0 to 3.3v with math conversion ...

      No can thank you a lot !

      See my last program ,can built with your help !

      Attached files DIGIT.4Dg (1.2 KB)