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uLCD-43-PT Code size and audio issue

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  • uLCD-43-PT Code size and audio issue


    I'm currently working on a uLCD-43-PT with ViSi editor

    In the first time, I tried the FAT16WAV example and it works perfectly: i can hear all the sounds on the embedded speaker.

    In the second time, I started to develop my own GUI for my application, and when it was completely written, two problems appeared :

    - I wanted to hear a sound when user click on a button, so i wanted to use the function file_PlayWAV as it was made in FAT16WAV.4DG, but this time, nothing comes out from the speaker, only a little click when the sound should have been heard.
    I am using the same wav files as the one used in FAT16WAV...

    - My soft is quite big : 10078 bytes for now and I noticed that if i had anything in my code and that the code size goes over 10100 bytes, NONE of the buttons of the GUI appears, and so it is not fonctionnal...
    I thought that the user code could grow up to 14K, did i forgot something ?
    I have really no idea how to solve that...

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you !

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    Depending on what settings you have you may be trying to run the program from RAM, this means there will only be 14k-10078 bytes of RAM available for your program, which, based on what you are saying about it may not be enough.

    try inserting
    near the start of the program, and using Destination - FLASH on the project menu.

    You will probably find that all the handles you are opening are returning 0 as there is not enough RAM to load the control blocks.

    you could check for this and/or print mem_Heap(), but I'm pretty sure that's your problem.


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      Thank you for your answer,I also thought that it was a ram issue, so i will investigate in this way.I also think that the problem may come from my form gestion :In my GUI, i have 5 different form. At the beginning of the main program, before the infinite loop, i initialize all the forms. The initialisation code for each button is build like this :
      HTML Code:
      img_SetWord(hndl, iprev_btn, IMAGE_FLAGS, (img_GetWord(hndl, iprev_btn, IMAGE_FLAGS) | I_STAYONTOP) & ~I_TOUCH_DISABLE); // set to enable touch, only need to do this once
              img_SetWord(hndl, iprev_btn, IMAGE_INDEX, BTN_UP); // where state is 0 for up and 1 for downand then when i have to show a form, for each button, i use this code :[HTML]// prev_btn 1.0 generated 12/04/2013 12:32:55
              img_Enable(hndl, iprev_btn);
              img_Show(hndl,iprev_btn) ;
      And to hide a form, i use :gfx_Cls() ;
      img_Disable(hndl, -1);[/HTML]I think that all this means that all buttons are in RAM all the time, is there another way to put buttons in RAM only when they are used ?


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        The Buttons always live on uSD, it is only the 'controls' for the buttons that live in RAM (~28 bytes).


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          Well, hehe so that means that i must have too much buttons in my GUI ! (24 + a keyboard)


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            I only touched on buttons there, each key on a keyboard counts as a button.

            Each image control opened needs ~570 bytes, each normal file a bit less than that.

            Then there's your globals, stack etc (look for the [MEMSIZE] identifier in the .aux file, that is the initial RAM requirement in words)


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              Thank you for all the infos

              I just checked the .aux file and it is said in it :


              seems that the initial RAM requirement is not so high, i will investigate to check if the issue really comes from a RAM limitation