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Running Display functions from usd

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  • ESPsupport

    Well, you would just file_Exec a different program for each button, you can pass parameters to the file_Exec'd programs and if you pass a pointer you can receive any number of results from that function.

    Have a look here

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  • jggt89
    started a topic Running Display functions from usd

    Running Display functions from usd

    I am designing a control system using the ulcd-32ptu but my code size is nearing its limit by a lot. I wish to redirect all button and print functions to a separate the normal execution and the screen printing to different codes and have a main execution for the screen in which i just give the screen number to. I am retaining the touch detection to the central execution. Can I accomplish this via file_Exec and how? I am fairly new to the system and the examples don't help me much. To recap I wish to cal the group of functions regarding button display and touch enabling to a separate 4xe. Please help!