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communication problem between Arduino and audio chip somo 2

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  • communication problem between Arduino and audio chip somo 2

    Hello everyone, I just purchased the audio chip somo 2 (in this link datasheet and info ) but I could not make it work with Arduino, can someone post a sketch complete with Arduino to run the somo 2?
    Thank you all in advance.

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    How about an App Note instead, with demo included

    App notes on our website,

    That App Note is to work with a 4D Display. However you should be able to talk to it with an Arduino very easily.

    If you need more help just ask, and we can see if we can prepare a demo for you. Might have to wait a few days however due to the Easter Break.



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      Hello, I install the programe and then see how to connect right? Also I wanted to ask if I have properly connected the Arduino chip and if I saved well mp3 files.
      I enclose the picture below.
      Best regards and thanks


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        Hello again

        You didnt seem to attach any pictures...
        Please try again



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          Hello, you in fact I noticed that when I loaded the forum had some problems. Anyway you put them back in, and I'd like to work on a sketch to solve. If you want we can talk in private to speed things up and then post the solution. In any case, there is no guidance already made

          to connect the whole and for the sketch on Arduino?
          Best Regards .... even if late Happy Easter

          are the songs into the folder 001

          is the first folder into the sd

          the two black wire are for the speaker ( 4 ohm, 3 w)
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            No there is no sketch already designed for the SOMO-II to Arduino, however it should not be difficult to do as the commands you send to the SOMO-II are fully specified in the Datasheet, so just do a serial write of the bytes required, and that should get you started.
            Is there something specifically you are struggling with?



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              Hi, I saw the program and saw the pdf but have not been able to create a sketching the same mica can you show me how to do?


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                We have no documentation specifically for the SOMO-II to the Arduino. There are thousands of development platforms on the market, we have not developed examples for every single one. In time we may have an example for the Arduino but currently we do not.

                What are you actually wanting it to do?
                The program we have for the 4D Display is a front end control panel for the SOMO-II.
                The Arduino has no display, so I don't know what exactly you are wanting.
                Do you want it to just play a song when you press a button or something? If so, then the SOMO-II has the ability to be wired directly to buttons so a Arduino isn't required. This is all documented in the Datasheet.

                You haven't given any information on what you want to achieve.
                We cant help you write a sketch if you don't tell us what you want it to do.

                Also the picture you sent, you have your Arduino UNO wired directly to the SOMO-II. The Arduino Uno is 5V I/O, and the SOMO-II is 3.3V I/O. You may damage the SOMO-II if you use it how you have currently wired it. This is stated in the Datasheet in Section 4.1. I suggest you have another read of the Datasheet before you go any further.



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                  Hello , before connecting I gave a deep look at the datasheet and all the documentation, I also know that somo 2 can operate in KeyMode (just like the somo 14d) by using the buttons play pause etc and if you look carefully in the picture I sent you the somo 2 is connected to the 3.3 and not the 5v . The ultimate goal of the project is to reproduce accurate sound at a specific time using Arduino , and then use the somo 2 in serial mode. For example, if I connect a light sensor to arduino , when you turn on the light ... the somo 2 plays an mp3 file named 001 ( for example) instead ... when the light goes out somo another play mp3 files. As regards the conditions for the sensors etc. I know how to do, the only problem is to create a function that is called when opening the serial communication between the Arduino and somo and makes me play a song or makes me choose a song , etc. .
                  I hope I was clear and I hope that we can find a solution.
                  Kind regards , thanks in advance


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                    It is not the supply to the SOMO-II I am speaking of. The SOMO-II can be powered off 5V, that is not a problem. It is the TX and RX, these are 3.3V TTL only. Please refer to Section 4.1 in the SOMO-II Datasheet, it states if you are connecting to 5V I/O you need to have a 1K Resistor in series.



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                      You should be able to create a little test program easily by having something like this

                      byte Track1[8] = {0x7E, 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01, 0xFF, 0xFC, 0xEF}; // Example byte stream to send to play track 001
                      byte Track2[8] = {0x7E, 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x02, 0xFF, 0xFB, 0xEF}; // Example byte stream to send to play track 002
                      and then to actually send the bytes

                      Serial.write(Track1, 8); // Send command to play track 001
                      Serial.write(Track2, 8); // Send command to play track 002
                      Obviously you need supporting code for this.

                      Also I have noticed you have not named your songs correctly. You have the number in Parenthesis. File names should be 001SongName.mp3 for example, as per the Datasheet.



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                        hello, so the wires rx and tx I have to apply a one ohm resistor? So with the code you've written I can start to make it all work ... obviously for the conditions and for the control of all the rest I need another code. The name of the songs to be written, for example, instead 001radioactive.mp3?
                        then only rx and tx must operate at 3.3 volts? the chip is powered by 5v to vcc?
                        Yours sincerely thank you very much
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                          Not one Ohm, 1K Ohms (i.e. 1000 Ohms). As the data sheet says "For 5V systems, connect a series resistor (1K Ohms) on the RX line of the SOMO-II to the TX of the 5V micro-controller." this is to stop overloading the RX(input) to the SOMO. The TX(output) from the SOMO will normally only be 3.3v hence it will not need overload protection when being connected to a 5v host (The Arduino).

                          It's very clear from the datasheet that the SOMO is 'commanded' to play specific files by using the three digit number that precedes 'any text', hence you should be able to easily adapt the supplied code to play any song you wish, once it is properly named.

                          Perhaps you need to have another read of the datasheet?