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Issues about new µOLED-160-G2 display

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    C:\Users>dir /all

    El volumen de la unidad C es BOOTCAMP
    El número de serie del volumen es: 30C7-ED31

    Directorio de C:\Users

    26/07/2012 08:04 <SYMLINKD> All Users [C:\ProgramData]
    26/07/2012 08:04 <JUNCTION> Default User [C:\Users\Default]
    0 archivos 0 bytes
    2 dirs 23.371.132.928 bytes libres



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      I have just checked again, and it does not work yet. Nothing changed.


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        Really, I think the problem is the Pmmc file that you have to download... because workshop connects well, and I can download Pmmc files, and it is able to read the kind of device, from the device.


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          "Display model not supported by SPE".
          Is produced, purely and simply because workshop cannot find
          C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Utils\

          Now, workshop does not know the full name of


          It finds


          because that is what ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\ProgramData is all about

          It first guesses the next folder is "Documents" and checks for '\Documents\4D Labs' if it finds that then it assumes that to be the correct location, if it doesn't it searches for

          C:\Users\Public\*\4D Labs

          Effectively trying to find the spelling of the work 'documents' in your local language.

          It assumes the first match it finds is correct and attempts to use that.

          One user had a folder called

          C:\Users\Public\4\4D Labs

          With nothing else in it, hence loading SPE and browsing samples failed because there was nothing in that folder. He didn't know who or why that folder existing and getting rid of it fixed his problem.

          I have tried to see if something similar is going on with your computer, but so far haven't made much progress.

          I will write a program to try and determine what is going on, but I will need you to PM me an email address I can send attachments to.

          It's getting pretty late here, so I wont be able to do this until the morning, sorry.


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            The user had a Macbook Air and had installed Windows 7 using the BootCamp utility included in Lion Mountain.

            For some reason none of the symbolic links required by Windows 7 appeared to exist.

            Entering the following command created the link needed to access the SPE (and also the Workshop samples)

            mklink /j "C:\ProgramData\Documents" "C:\Users\Public\Documents"

            However, there are 5 more links in this folder, and many more across the windows environment that appear to be missing


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              -> I also have installed the last version of uOLED-160-G2-R24.PmmC. (31?, January, ?2013)

              What shell I do to install the Pmmc - File? I've found nothing about this file!
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                I'm not sure why you have posted in this thread, this thread was ultimately to do with the incorrect installation of Windows 7 using Bootcamp.

                Please start a new thread and explain fully what you are trying to do and why.


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                  Cause the initiator has told, that he was able to do this. Must I create a net thread to get an answer?
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                    It's more about confusing a thread by having unrelated information in it. The next reader with the same problem could get very confused.

                    I can't see the relation between your question and the original poster, he was talking about loading SPE, you seem to be having issues installing a PmmC, but I'm not sure about that.

                    To download a PmmC, click on 'PmmC Loader' in the tools menu and follow the directions.


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                      Next time I'll create a new thread.
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