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Migrating from ViSi-Genie to ViSi, a couple of questions

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  • Migrating from ViSi-Genie to ViSi, a couple of questions

    So as the title states, I am trying to migrate from Visi-Genie to ViSi. My two questions are, In ViSi-Genie under the System/Media tab there is a simple way to add sound to form 0, however in Visi there is nothing there to add sound..? My second question, in ViSi-Genie, you can select a Form/page and set an event for it i.e. onActivate -> report message, onChange -->whatever, is there some function in the Visi programming reference that is hidden away that gives this capability?


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    Actually, I think i figured out the first question pertaining to the sound via the picaso_internalfunctions pdf and the sound control functions.


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      There is noting 'hidden' afaik. Save a simple Genie program as a ViSi program, then do the same thing again after adding an onActivate event. Now compare the two.


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        Well, I made 2 visi-genie files, the first (NoName1) with form0 where on the event tab, onActivate is set to ReportMessage, the second file test2 with form0 where the event is not set. I did a file compare (using ConTEXT) on the *.4DGenieS and the only differences picked up are when the files were generated and the names of the file. In my previous post, I used the wrong verb sorry, I meant to say buried, not hidden i.e. buried somewhere in the documentation.
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          Well, if you haven't got a way to activate a form Genie wont create the event.
          Create program with 2 forms, put a Winbutton on the first and set its 'OnActivate' to Form1Active. Save and build.
          Save that as a new program and add the on Activate even to Form1. Save and build.

          Now compare the files