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displaying an image on uOLED-96-G2

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  • displaying an image on uOLED-96-G2

    Is it possible to store the compiled image file using FAT storage for the Goldelox series or must they be stored in RAW mode? Is there an example/tutorial for displaying an image stored on SD that I could review? I used the Picaso series before but it looks like that's very different from the Goldelox series. I'm coding using the Designer in wsorkshop4

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    so I found the FAQ that mentioned Goldelox must use RAW format. My next issue is that when I try and build my graphics project for RAW and specify my SD card as the lcoation, the graphics composer requests the sector offset. Where do i get that? I simply filled in 0 but it says failed to read sector 0. A simple single image tutorial for compiling an image and then accessing (addressing) that image and displaying it would be really helpful for the Designer series. Thanks


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      "Failed to read sector 0" sounds like GC is not being run as Administrator, or maybe the uSD card was not in the uSD reader when you tried (The card must be in the computer, not the display)

      Offset is simply the offset into the uSD where to start writing the image to, obviously you will need to use this if you want to 'append' to the card.

      Appnotes 4D-AN-G5002 and 4D-AN-G3001 are both applicable here as you can use either method to get images onto the card, using Workshop is simpler than GC.


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        I found that I needed to re-format the card in order to be able to use it. I updated Workshop and found a new tool RMPET that modified my SD card. After that I was able to load the images to the card using GC.

        I had searched the 4D site for app notes prior to posting and wasn't able to find the notes you referenced, I was searching for any Goldelox info. I will go back and look for them specifically by name for reference.




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          Hi Dan

          Go to the App Note page, which there is a button for along the top of the website, which will take you here.

          You can then look down the list, or search for the App Note you are looking for.
          Searching on the main website search will not work at the moment, when searching for App Notes.