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A thought about saving resources to uSD during development

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  • A thought about saving resources to uSD during development

    Constantly swapping a uSD card between the PC and the display module is a bit cumbersome a tedious after a while. I think this would be a simple solution to include in the Visi-Genie environment

    1 - Leave the uSD in the display module (I'm using the uLCD-43PCT)
    2 - When compiling/building in Visi-Genie, have it upload "uSD loader" software in to RAM on the display. Visi-Genie then sends files to the loader over USB and saves them on to the uSD card.
    3 - Now just upload the actual code to the display and reboot.

    Just a thought and probably not too hard to code since most of the uSD library is already written.

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    See my other post


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      Last question.

      Is there a serial protocol PDF available detailing the firmware flash protocol for the uLCD-43 Intelligent Display?

      I'm thinking that by connecting the 5-pin programming cable directly to a microcontroller permanently, the micro could be used to flash the firmware. Is this a feasible option? It appears the uUSB-PA5 Programming Adaptor is simply a USB to serial converter which leads me to think that it is possible.

      If so, it would mean in the field we could flash our micro via USB and then get the micro to flash the uLCD-43.

      Thanks again.


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        Yes this is possible.
        Please raise a support ticket from the Support Page on the website and request this.
        You will then be sent an NDA which you need to read and sign and return, which starts the process.