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  • Workshop 4 Visi-geni

    Hello I've been working on a project on the uLCD-70DT and every-time I change the string text to "Arail"for example I am unable to save the project as the error window pops up and also when compiler the same error window appears which freezes the compiler and software.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    There are some odd things that can happen with Fonts in the current workshop under certain circumstances. It is related to the 'current' font and also the available fonts on your system, so rather complex.

    Did you submit a bug report?

    Can you do that and include your source, along with a concise description of how to recreate it?


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      I tried to send the bug report but it said it couldn't be sent as I don't have an email client software installed on my machine.What would I send you when you say source would that be my project files basically ?

      As for an description of how I get the bug. A basically just have to change all my String objects to have a "Arial" font and to have an text size of 24 and when I click to build this error message appears:

      And then Workshop freezes. I guess the way to fix this bug is to somehow load the "Arial" into Workshop4.
      Attached Files


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        Hmm, weird, as the message says 'internal error', it should load the font 'automagically'

        Use File, 'Zip project' and post the resulting zip file.


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          I have attached the Zip folder for my project.


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            I have sent a new version of Workshop to you to try.