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Display brightness and refresh rate settings

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  • Display brightness and refresh rate settings

    I have uOLED-96-G2 display.

    Is there way to increase display brightness in software or by modifying GOLDELOX processors registers or by modifying hw board.
    In GOLDELOX datasheet chapter 12 describes OLED display connection. There is R5 connected to display's IREF. Does this control LED current?

    There is some flickering on display. Is it possible to increase display refresh rate? Or if PWM is used for controlling pixel brightness is it possible to increase PWM frequency?

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    The OLED brightness is controlled by he contrast command, when the contrast is set to 7 the display is at it's maximum brightness. Running the display at it's maximum brightness for long periods of time shortens its life, especially if a lot of pixels are 'on'.

    The display refresh is about 119Hz, so any apparent flickering is probably do to the way your program has been written.

    There is no PWM on OLEDs as there is no backlight.