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Drawing live on 4D 20G2 OLED

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  • Drawing live on 4D 20G2 OLED


    I would like to be able to create a program which draws pixels/strokes on the OLED the way I draw on the computer.

    e.g. I draw a circle stroke on computer and same gets updated/drawn in real-time on the display via serial. A stroke of line on computer would draw a line on display etc.

    Any idea how to go about doing the same or if anyone has already implemented similar thing?

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    If it's just drawing, you will need to determine which pixels are drawn on the computer and similarly draw those pixels on the display.

    If you are enabling lines, you just need to send a line command to the display.

    Nearly all the work will be on the windows side of things, interpreting the mouse and generating the windows and 'serial 4D' draw commands.

    Of course, if you had a Picaso display you could use the Touch screen.

    Maybe, in Goldelox, you could use the joystick, depends on what sort of drawings you are trying to do.