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Button action on touch screen is not correct

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  • Button action on touch screen is not correct

    I have noticed quite a bit that the behaviour of the buttons aren't quite 'user friendly' when your finger presses them. I am using User Buttons. Let me explain.

    If you press on the screen *anywhere* and then move your finger over a button or buttons, the buttons will activate.This is not good because if buttons are close together, or another control is nearby, a use can occidentally touch another button when they take their finger away. Swiping your finger all over the screen actually activates all of the buttons it passes over. This is not correct.

    This behaviour is also not how Windows/Mac buttons work. Imagine clicking the mouse down and moving your cursor over a button, only to have it activate.

    This is how I think the buttons should work. Yes, it's a simple fix:

    1 - for a button to become active the user must have the initial press of the button within the button's bounding rectangle
    2 - all other touch screen XY positions are ignored until the finger comes off the screen
    3 - when a user takes their finger away, and if it's in the initial button's bounding rectangle should it respond as a button event

    Basically for the button to work the initial press and the final release should be within the button's bounding rectangle.

    I'm fairly sure this is quite a simple fix.


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    Any comments on this? Six years later the behavior is still buggy as described above!
    I expect to see a working solution to the problem, because this is something that can really cancel a running development for multiple devices.
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