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Function define... too fast !

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  • Function define... too fast !

    Hello, I am trying to discover the 4d systems module and is very well!
    I have a question:
    in the IDE when I click on the parameter of a function, a white window appears with the definition of the function and its argument.
    but disparer too fast ...
    how can I keep it to the screen to read ?
    (I know that I can see the doc " Picaso 4DGL Internal Functions.pdf" but integrated into the IDE is better!)

    Thank you for your help!

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    You use the left and right arrow keys to keep it showing


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      ok, thank you for your answer.
      I must move with the left and right arrows in the param of function?
      it works, but it is not practical.
      there is not a button that is displayed?


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        That's the way it seems to work in every IDE I've ever seen, maybe someone else knows of another way to get it to stay there, but then, how would you get rid of it?


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          I know a ide, when the cursor is on a function =
          if I press F1 ,a file (.hpl or a web browser) opens with the definition of the function.
          I read and I reduce the window.
          if I press F1 to another function, the window becomes to the topmost with the definition of the new function.


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            Yes, indeed.

            They are really two separate processes (inline help and F1 help).

            We used to have HTML manuals but users preferred PDF manuals and that's were we are today.

            It appears that using F1 for PDF manuals may now be possible, so we will investigate further.

            Thanks for the suggestion