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  • Where's the tutorials?

    I've been going thru the PICASO APPLICATION NOTES on your website and am still trying to convert my video for use. The learning curve seems extremely steep and am curious where I can find some more detailed How To / Video Tutorials on how to learn your software?

    For example, you have a wonderful picture of Emo on the video tutorial yet when I load a video clip, it shows to its default 640 x 480 If I touch the Width and Height settings, the program bombs.

    Do I have to convert the video to my 4D LCD screen's settings or can the workshop software do that?

    My preview also doesnt show anything

    And the list goes on.

    I'm trying hard to learn and love this thing....but the ability to learn it is rough for me right now!


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    Unfortunately it's quite hard to work out just what you are using (ViSi, Genie, GC?) and what you are doing and/or which app note you are using.

    If you are showing a window titled 'Image + Video converter' and are 'temporarily' setting with or height to 0 (or 1), you will get a crash, this is because it is trying to change the width 'on the fly' and 0+1 are not valid widths or heights according to windows, just click 'continue application' and all will be well. You can also resize using the mouse.

    If the video is 10 frames or less, this might be the reason why there is no preview. For short videos it is better to use an animate gif.

    Also, the preview is just the 'current frame' (or frame 0 in workshop). For many videos frame 0 is 'empty'.

    I don't know which App note you are trying to use, perhaps try noting where it is not working the same as the note says?


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      I'm using Visi as a friend advised to skip Visi Genie

      I have the uLCD-32PTU 3.2" PICASO

      So, step by step...if one has a 320 x 240 WMV video they want to play on the device


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        I flicking thru the frames and the video display isn't updating....still tinkering til your next reply!


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          You still haven't said what App note you are using, or just where the problem is appearing.

          Not sure why your 'friend' advised to skip Genie.

          I'd say try the VidImage Visi demo included with Workshop, get that working and then try modifying it.

          But I'm scared to say that as I have no idea why it isn't 'just working', you need to give me some more information about your problem, maybe a few screenshots, if plain text is not enough


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            Well, start from Zero. Your tutorials (App Notes) do not cover many of the basics.

            I'm a brand new user to this device. I have the Starter Kit.

            I have the USB adapter and a properly formatted FAT16 1.99 gb SD Card

            I'm using the graphic composer as the app note says But, I am having trouble it visi and visi genie coding to make that video play on the display


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              So let me bring you back to where I am at...

              I have a WMV file that is 320 x 240
              I following the instructions on how to import it in, here it has been done....I have lower the FPS to 24 but left everything else alone....

              As you can see, it is now on the sd card, we have offsets.

              Now where?

              I close out Graphic Composer 3

              I am still in Workshop and this is on the screen...

              Well that is just the default of whatever is there when the program opened.

              So I close out of there...there's no place to drag in the video widget...and when I try the cut and paste of the GC or TXT, I get errors placing them in manually.

              Thus my question....what's the next step?

              Attached files


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                We are getting some of the guys to do a tutorial for you atm, not sure how long it will take.

                The thing is, if you use ViSi, you don't need to use GC, GC is basically for Designer only, there are no widgets.

                When you created a new program you must have selected Designer.

                Why not try using the VidImage ViSi sample? (File, samples, Picaso ViSi, VidImage) It has a video already there and instructions on how to turn it into a working program.

                Once that works, delete the Image (and the code for it which will then generate a compiler error), resisze the video and run again.

                Then replace the supplied video with your own.


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                  I wasn't aware of it (see "Not sure where to begin" mentioned earlier!

                  I'll check that out. As someone who does a lot of robotics (two aluminum R2-D2 replicas and who knows what's next...) these LCDs are a great option away from the other displays for Arduinos and so on.

                  Again, a big thanks....and this helps other new customers!