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Fonts on the uSD card

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  • Fonts on the uSD card

    Well I'm starting to get the hang of the Goldilox display, Im using the uOLED128-G2.
    I have written a basic program that draws text and lines etc. on the screen using various gfx_ commands.
    I have followed 4D-AN-G5001 and displayed different fonts through Serial Commander.
    Now I want to combine the 2 and have my "stand-alone" program use the fonts on the uSD card but I seem to come unstuck.

    I used the Object Inspector to put a Label Widget on the screen, added the font and text and then used Paste Code.
    This has inserted the following into my program:

    // Strings1 1.0 generated 31/05/2014 11:49:56
    media_SetSector(0, Strings1FontStartL) ; // must come b4 setting fontID
    txt_FontID(MEDIA) ; // Font index correct at time of code generation
    txt_FGcolour(WHITE) ;
    txt_BGcolour(BLACK) ;
    gfx_MoveTo(0 , 3) ;
    PrintDisk(Strings1StartH, Strings1StartL, Strings1Size, 0) ; // where i is Message 0 - Strings1Count-1

    Now when I try to compile I get:

    Error: 'PrintDisk' not found (line 57 file:Project1.4dg)
    Error: context error for unknown 'PrintDisk' (line 57 file:Project1.4dg)

    I have looked in the Goldilox manual but that does not offer any function of this name, is there some library or such-like that I should refer to?


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    If you look in the StringsDemo sample you will find

    #inherit ""

    That's the missing bit.


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      Thanks Mark, I tried #inherit "" but as you say Goldilok is the missing bit...