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  • Maximum size reached ?


    I've got a 32PT SI R20 220212

    In Visi-Genie, I developed an application with 5 different forms, a lot of digits, buttons, and other.
    When it builds, the size is 9132 bytes, without error. And all works fine.

    Now, when I add something (new digit, button, primitive or new form). It builds, but all screens are damaged. Only primitives appears on the screen.
    If I take off the new part, and build it, it works.

    Is there a mistake, or the maximum size is reached ?

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    That is typical of what happens when the maximum size is reached.

    If you are using destination 'Run RAM', changing to 'Run Flash' will alleviate the problem.

    The next version of Workshop will do a much better job of letting you know about memory and were it is 'going'.


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      Do you know the maximum real size I can reach on flash or µSD ?

      Actually it says : Non errors, code size 9304 bytes, (14400 available), (it works on both memories) and I have some other digits to create. I'm afraid !


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        When you select 'Run RAM' the program is copied into RAM and run from there, thus the program eats into your available RAM (and vice versa).

        When you select 'Run Flash' the program is run from FLASH and thus the full 14400 is available for FLASH and again for RAM.

        The amount of RAM used is subject to rather complex calculations, it will be in the next release.

        The next release also can 'save' RAM if you have several strings objects that all use the same FONT.

        Have you set destination 'Run FLASH'?

        If you want me to take a look you can put the source here, or email it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au


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          Yes, I put the skech on Flash, and it works right.
          On µSD too. Probably it's the best way on µSD, no ?

          I sent you my project, for another problem (slidebar resizing after build).