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µOLED-160-G2 pin configuration

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  • µOLED-160-G2 pin configuration

    Can someone confirm the correct pin config please? At the following url pin 3 is stated as TX and pin 5 RX, however, the cable has these the other way round. Which is correct?

    I'm just starting to play with this as a serial display and want to check before I start.



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    They are both correct.

    When connecting serial cables together you connect TX to RX and vice versa.

    The T in TX is for transmit, the R in RX is for receive, so you connect one devices receive to the other devices transmit.


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      Hi, thanks for being so quick to respond however, that doesn't answer my question.

      In the documentation it states that pin 3 is TX, it's listed as Output only while the RX, pin 5 is listed as Input only, it matters which is which. The supplied cable has these marked the other way round.

      Is pin 3 TX or RX, according to the documentation it can't be both. I'm presuming the documentation is correct and the cable is wrongly labeled, I just want this confirmed. Cable image attached.

      Dougie Attached files


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        At one point in a serial cable connection you must swap over TX and RX, due the to way the cable is labelled that happens at the point the cable is connected to the display.

        Both the display documentation and the cable are correct.

        So the display's TX (pin 3, which is the second pin as it is a DIL header, hence the numbers are 1,3,5,7,9) connects to the pin marked RX on the cable. The other end of the cable connects to RX on your Arduino


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          Thanks for the explanation, the TX/RX pin designations are clear now. I'm not sure I agree with the way the cable is labeled, I think it's confusing.

          Thanks again for your help