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  • Wake from Sleep / DeepSleep

    For those of us not using a touch variant (i'm using 43P) , is there possibility of a future enhancement to wake from sys_Sleep or sys_DeepSleep when either serial is received (don't need to capture the first byte) or on a specified IO pin changing state?

    I currently have a deep power save feature implemented on my product that kills the modules 5V supply, but the response time to booting when turning it back on is slightly longer than i'd like.

    I therefore have a 'snooze' mode that disp_Disconnects the display, but then i'm left in a loop testing for com1_Count() to see whether to wake again and can't make use of sys_Sleep within the loop to reduce the power further (1 second between checks is too long). Response time to waking is great, but the display draws 50-60mA in this state as EVE is executing code at full speed. Incidentally the response to disp_Init is that the modules briefly shows the previous contents of the screen prior to visibly clearing it; I've found a gfx_Cls prior to disp_Disconnect is needed to avoid this annoying artefact.

    Thanks in advance,


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    There's not much that can be done about that at the moment, but we'll have a look and see.

    The deep sleep / disconnect has different 'quirks' for different displays, so some flash the previous contents and some don't.