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Slowness when showing Korean Characters.

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  • Slowness when showing Korean Characters.

    We are prototyping one of our products with the 4D Systems with the uLCD-43 non-touch display. We have been experiencing some lag when showing Korean characters, due to the way the display works we have to write one character at a time, but it still seems rather slow. See video bellow for comparison:

    English Text:

    Korean Text:

    We are running the serial port at 115,200 baud rate, but I am not sure that increasing the baud rate will reduce this lag.

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    Are you doing a character at a time for English as well?

    Check that the font is contiguous (usd chkdsk *.* against the uSD card)

    Also ensure the uSD card is formatted with the maximum possible cluster size (Windows default is the minimum)

    And see if that produces an acceptable result.

    If that is still too slow then we can put the font in a RAW partition, but that is a bit messier to set up.


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      Let me answer your questions:

      1.- No, english is done by sending strings. But as far as we understand, special fonts like Korean you need to send a Character at a time.
      2.- We will try this, but they are brand new SD cards we are using, I don't think they would not be contiguous.
      3.- I will try this this too.

      Moving to RAW would not be ideal for our application.


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        I just want to report that a 64K allocation unit helped improve the speed noticeable. Thanks for the support.