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Issue with 4D-Serial-Pi Adaptor

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  • Issue with 4D-Serial-Pi Adaptor

    Hi again!
    Apoligies for causing so much trouble here in the forums...

    In our raspberry pi scenario we use a uLCD-32PTU display and would like to connect it to the pi using the 4D-Serial-Pi Adaptor. Unfortunately we frequently (every 10th command or so) experience data loss during the communication at 9600 baud thus the dispaly is not acknowledging the genie commands. This is the case no matter if other devices are connected to the pi or not. Note that the Pi is powered using a regulated power source. After some research, we've come to the suspicion, that as the display is powered with 5V and expects RX signals with 3.3V-5V. But with no real 3V reference signal from the PI it might be the case that signals from the PI are not interprested as High-Signals by the display resulting in data loss. Using an USB to TTL Serial Cable from the Display to Pi USB (see adafruit website here: which contains a 5V/3.3V converter, communication to the Raspberry Pi is possible without data loss. We think the solution would be to include a Logic Level Converter like this ( on your Pi-Adapter to ensure that the 3.3V signals get converted to a signal range that is acually and SAFELY interpreted as HIGH. Please let us know if that makes sense and if you approve whether you might be planning to include it on the adapter. Kind RegardsNico

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    The Picaso code operates at 3.3v as does the Pi, there's no need for a converter.

    I think the issue is more like what you can read here